Black Women are Prayer Warriors🙏🙏🙏

There is nothing more powerful and awesome than a Godfearing, praying Black Woman. Her prayers of faith can move the arm of the all powerful God.

There is a famous statement that says, "that hands that rock the cradle rules the world," thus underscoring the vitally important role that women have on the development of the home and society.

Women have a power and wield a sphere on influence that man can't and doesn't possess, especially God fearing, purpose driven, praying black women who pour out their hearts to God for His intervention in the lives of their children, and family and society at large.

In times of crisis such as the current global pandemic, COVID-19, black women are once again playing an important role not just at doctors, nurses, or at home teaching their kids, making the meals, and keeping the home, but they are spending hours on their knees petitioning the throne of grace and asking God not just to protect their families in the midst of this crisis and to bless and help the vulnerable and those in need, but to save the souls of their children.

Black women who are thus engaged are highly regarded by the angels in heaven and God will send answers in response to their requests. All across america, black women have become prayer warriors and have rared up and kept alive their family altars....

and calling the names of their kids to God and allowing the kids to hear it which is having a powerful influence for good on their children, thus creating them the desire to seek God as well. When black women gather to pray and earnestly seek the blessing of God there is power like no other and God responds.

While many are idle and making light of the awesome time which confronts us, humble, praying black women are doing a work in their families that will last for eternity, because it may result in the saving of the souls of their children and family.

Keep Praying Black Women, Daughters of God.

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